I can tell you one thing. As the Bavarian Cheesehead, you meet a lot of people. Most of them you meet once, some of them you meet twice, and a few of them become friends. Here are some links to my friends. All of them have my deepest respect and become true friends. They made it possible for me to visit  "Dairyland". That brought me to the Holy Shrine of Green Bay. They went to a Packer's game with me. Not a usual Packer's game. A game vs. the Detroit Lions  Lambeau Field. It was one of my greatest days ever. Another friend showed me soem great places in Florida and I saw the greatest sunset there. Enough words, let's come to action.

Tom Otzelberger          a.k.a.     "The Otzdog"            A true bavarian in Wisconsin

Ron Daveley                a.k.a.     "Silverfoxcobra"        A real Cobra and Packers Fan

Scott Daveley              a.k.a.     "Scottie Raw"            An Internet Guru, Packers Fan and Great Musician