When: December, 3rd 2001 - 8.30 p.m. EST

Where: Alltel Pro Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

What: Monday Night Football Jacksonvill Jaguars - Green Bay Packers



The Parking Lot before the Game                                                                            Tailgaiting in Florida ???


Did Scott meet Mark Brunell ???                                                                     Scott & The Pope Vince


Go Defense Go                                                                                                          Farve commands his Crew


Play No. ?? Qarter ?? Fun !!!                                                                                    Jaguars are trying a Offensive Play !


It's a passing play !                                                                                                   Kitty Litter !!!!!!!! Crying like a baby !!!


Packers winning Touchdown !!!                                                                              It's over and I saw my 3rd Packers Victory in the 3rd visit

hm... to bad the Jaguars Fans left the stadium !!!!!