As you can see, I am the Fan of the Green Bay Packers a long time. I liked their colors and I wished them success again after nearly 30 years after Coach Lombardi. When the Pack won the Title again in 1996, it was like a bomb. I just become probably the biggest and craziest fan of the Pack accross the ocean. I started to bying all Fan appearals I could get. Than I met one of my best friends and after a long time, he called me cheesehead. I answered "How can I be a Cheesehead Miles and Miles away from Green Bay, Wisconsin , the USA. I'm living in Germany, in the most beautiful Part of it, in Bavaria". Than he said, "You are a Bavarian Cheesehead"

That was the birth of the "Bavarian Cheesehead"

From then on, the "BavarianCheesehead" is my Alter Ego. If you see somebody using that name in the WWW, it's probably me.